In The Middle of Nowhere is the fourth episode of the first season in JD: Meant to Be. It was released on March 22, 2016, and was written by The Ballerina Albatraoz.


When their tour bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the group has to deal with hardship.




The Ballerina Albatraoz as Ballerina

JustADancer as Dancer

TheEmmaShow as Emma

Kittysatbow as Kitty

Coocoo67 as Pearl


  • This is the first episode with no guest stars.
  • Ballerina sings her first written song.


Ballerina: [singing] I was going through a little tiny place. Then a tour bus went a breakin'. So now, guess where I am? Stuck in the middle of nowhere, yes. Stuck in the middle of nowhere. Stuck in the middle of NOWHERE


Singing Whenever- Theme- by the Cast.

I Love It by Icona Pop/Charli XCX - sung by Ballerina, Kitty, Dancer, Pearl, Emma

Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere- Original- by Ballerina

Where My Baes At? By Miranda Sings - sung by Emma and Pearl

Moving Again - Original - sung by Ballerina, Kitty, Dancer, Pearl and Emma

Passbys - Original - sung by Dancer, Ballerina and Kitty (Pearl and Emma backup)

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