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JD: Meant to Be!

Hey, guys! It's The Ballerina Albatraoz! And I have some great news: There will be a new series on Ballerina Albatraoz Wiki! It's called JD: Meant to Be, and it has the plot of:

Meet Dancer, Ballerina, Emma, and Pearl. They are four users on a Wiki, but they have one great fact: they're going to be singers and dancers! They form a singing and dancing group which is unamed, and together, they're going to make it blow up like it was meant to be!

Cast so far has: Ballerina, Dancer, Emma, Pearl, along with guests stars!

Okay! If you have any ideas for the first episode's script, or ideas about any episode idea, then share your idea!

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Can we do the script on JD: Meant To Be blog

Also, we'll get the characters to join this wikia

Then we'll make the show happen

Well, we have Kittysatbow on here as Kitty. So we have three people.

Yeah, we'll have to get our peeps here.

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