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Welcome To the Job Applications board!

Congratulations! The Job applications are officially open! Welcome to the Job Applications board, or the Job Lab! Here, you can apply for Chat Moderator, Rollback, and Admin! I will OK you!


At least 100 edits on this Wiki

Joined the Wiki one week ago

Good grammar

Can deal with mean people

Chat Moderator

Joined the Wiki two months ago

250+ edits

Good grammar

Active on chat

Can deal with mean people


Joined three weeks ago

600+ edits

Spectacular grammar

Active every day

Can deal with mean people

Never been blocked

Never had a warning

Perfect record

Thank you! I hope you can apply for a job!

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This is good. In a few months I hope I can apply! I want chat mod especially because I love chat

You would have to be on chat most of the time you're visiting. If you see someone spamming the chat, tell an admin or me and, well, someone will take care of it. Or you could remind the person yourself.

Change of plans!

I will choose your jobs!

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